Alchemy of Horus - Amara Tia Ann

From May 27, 2018 9:00 am until May 27, 2018 5:00 pm
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Facilitated by Amara Tia Ann

Kuala Lumpur Session

May 26 & 27, 2018

Vesak Full Moon




Alchemy of Horus© is a ground-breaking healing program, fused with the ancient wisdom of the Horus Mystery Schools and the advanced technologies of the Arcturus star system. 

In the ancient Egyptian myth, the falcon-headed god, Horus, symbolised rising to the throne of leadership after triumphing darkness. Believed to be the son of the first Queen of Egypt (Isis), Horus was also the embodiment of the Arcturian star lineage inherited by humankind.  This course utilises these metaphorical and energetic representations of Horus to catalyse the remembrance of our soul essence as a warrior of light and ignite our stellar healing abilities.    

Whilst its intended benefits are multi-fold, Alchemy of Horus© course was designed (under the guidance of the Egyptian deities and the Arcturians) with the primary purpose of tuning-up the human physical body to become an effective vessel for holding and processing a larger and deeper spectrum of light and sound frequencies in materialising a Galactic Age on Earth.        

The healing processes are built around the principle of ‘integration of polarities’ as the key towards a sustainable and enjoyable expansion into an embodied galactic consciousness. To this end, the course features and harnesses the union of polarities for unlocking the synergetic expansionary force contained in the Whole for healing and re-genesis of the human body: 

  • Old (ancient Egyptian healing arts) and New (7th dimensional Arcturian frequencies)
  • Feminine (left eye of Horus/moon) and Masculine (right Eye of Horus/sun)
  • Past (collective heritage in ancient Egypt) and Future (stellar nature to be realised)
  • Earth (physical healing) and Heaven (light body activations)


For Whom

Anyone who is keen on learning a healing methodology to enhance health, and facilitate the body in expanding its capability as a medium of multi-dimensional frequencies.

This course will also appeal to healers with a special interest in working with the Arcturus star beings and discovering the mysteries in ancient Egyptian healing arts, in particular, in relation to the Horus Mystery Schools.

Prior training and experience in alternative healing and therapies is preferred but not mandatory.


Intended Benefits

The course is intended to offer the following benefits as communicated by the spirit guides – Arcturus star system and Egyptian deity Horus – who are gifting the energy attunments and healing practices:

  • In-depth information on the Arcturus specialised healing technologies
  • Esoteric knowledge on Egyptian healing arts, especially in relation to the ancient Horus Mystery Schools
  • Guidance on adaptations of human physical body to internal and external energy shifts
  • Practical and easy-to-use healing techniques – ranging from advanced Arcturian technologies to ancient Egyptian practices - on increasing physical vitality and health, enhancing intuition, expanding light bodies and enabling the body’s transition to become a vessel of higher energy frequencies


Disclaimer: As an alternative healing therapy, techniques taught in Alchemy of Horus© course are not meant to replace any existing medical treatments and/or medication you are already receiving. Please consult your physician or a qualified medical practitioner if you need to ascertain if this course is suitable for you and your body.      


Course Format / Deliverables

This intensive 2-day course will involve teaching, energy attunements, demonstrations of healing techniques, and hands-on practices (time permitting).

Each participant will be provided with a printed healing manual and a healing tool unique to the course.  

Course Contents

Lecture Topics:

  • Lord of Arcturus speaks on course intent and significance of launching the course in 2018
  • Arcturus star system
    • Origin and purpose from perspective of the Milky Way Galaxy
    • Contribution to the design of star-human genetic blueprint
    • Healing technologies in relation to spiritual awakening of humanity
  • Egyptian Divinity Horus
    • Archetypal representation in the context of human history and for fulfilling human potential
    • Vibrational qualities
    • Connection with Arcturus Star System
  • Egyptian Healing Tradition
    • Principles of alchemy
    • Common hieroglyphic symbols used in ancient Egyptian healing arts
    • Significance of ‘Ka’ and ‘Ba’ for human existence
    • Uncoiling the ‘Serpent’ energy
  • Horus Mystery Schools
    • Right Eye of Horus vs Left Eye of Horus
    • Relevance to the unfolding of Galactic Age on Earth
  • Tuning-Up The Human Body As A Vessel For Integrated Light
    • Vital physiological changes to the physical body resulting from spiritual-DNA awakening
    • Fundamental conditions ensuring safe and comfortable physiological transition – blood, body fluids pH, endocrine organs, hormones
    • Implications of light body activations on physical body  


Energy Attunements and Healing Techniques:

  • Energy Attunements
  • As Above – Attunement in the Arcturus Chamber of Integrated Light
  • So Below - Initiation to the Horus Galactic School of Alchemical Healing
  • Realise the “New” and “Future” Self
    • Channelling the Arcturus star guides for performing DNA recoding and light body activations
  • Unleash the power of the “Ancient” and “Past” Selves
    • Invoking Horus and applying Egyptian healing techniques for strengthening the “Ka” body (including animating hieroglyphics healing symbols and igniting the Serpent within)
  • Techniques on enhancing connection between the “Ba” and “Ka” bodies
  • Ushering An Integrated Light
    • Process on deploying Arcturian and Horus energy frequencies simultaneously for multi-layer and multi-functional healing
    • Healing practices on facilitating physiological changes of physical body for safe and comfortable integration with higher-dimensional bodies




About amara tia ann

Ann began her spiritual work as a channel and healer in 2005, soon after experiencing a powerful spiritual awakening in July 2004, catalyzed by the Venus Transit.  Since then, she has worked with a wide variety of frequencies and evolved beings, including the Elohim, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Christed Star Beings and various Councils of Light to transmit high-frequency sound and light codes (Language of Light) and advanced spiritual knowledge to support the evolution of Humanity.

Ann was conferred the spiritual name ‘Amara Tia’ by one of her spirit guides, Lord Gautama Buddha, on 29 December 2012. It means "of the emerald diamond". The intention is for her, in fulfilling her role as a channel for Spirit, to bring through spiritual knowledge calibrated with the highest frequency of love (emerald heart) and of absolute purity and clarity (diamond). In the past 12 years, Ann channeled and facilitated numerous workshops, courses and group learning events and shared them across different parts of the world.

More information about Ann and the channeled materials she has published over the years are available at the Aleph Centre of Accelerated Spiritual Transformation (ACAST) website Subscribe as a Follower if you wish to receive her channeled messages and event updates via email. 



Date:               26 and 27 May 2018 (Sat & Sun). Vesak Full Moon

Time:              9am to 5pm

Venue:           A NEW EARTH Holistic & Metaphysical Center

                     Plaza Damas, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Fees :              RM 1,400

( Deposit of RM 400 required to confirm your registration)

Registration Contact:  Email Sheli at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Tel +6 0197779042