The World of Harmony: Magic Glass Art and UniTea Master Class - Svetlana  Davydova & Natalia Kortchouganova

From August 27, 2016 2:00 pm until August 27, 2016 6:00 pm
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The key intention of the Master Class:


is to achieve the Harmony within you, and the world will respond in a harmonious way!


The key goal of the Master Class:


is the demonstration of the real ability to manifest the energies of Harmony into this World, as the result of changes in our inner state. We are creating the World of Harmony and Love around us, when creating from the state of Love and Harmony within us.

This original program has been launched in September 2015 at Bangkok Glass Art and UniTea Class Studio. Step by step, it has been carefully adjusted, taking into consideration the feedback and experiences of our participants from various countries in the world. The current program presents itself a completed Master Class, which can be run at any Studio, expanding its geography. We are happy to introduce « The World of Harmony» Magic Glass Art and UniTea Master Class in the other countries as well, and now in Malaysia!


Key Benefits


  1. Achieve the state of a perfect harmony within and learn to manifest it into the world around through the creative process of glass painting and harmonizing tea making, expanding it into the all spheres of life;


  1. Open up to your inner guidance and experience the magical state when "anything" is possible, co-creating in harmony and love;


  1. Receive the immediate proof of your envisioned master pieces becoming real and confidence that miracles of transformation are all within and around you, when your heart is open;


  1. Open up, allowing the intelligence of the body guide you, selecting “what is good for you” before the thinking process starts.



The Master Class consists of 3 parts:

Total length of the Master Class: 4 Hours.


Part 1. Introduction into Glass Art «Magic Stones» Harmonizer

The Participants are introduced to the special meditation practice, focused on harmonizing our energy centres. The meditation is done with the specially designed Glass Art Chakra Stones «Magic Stones» that are applied on the body energy centres, connecting to the Energies of the Planet Earth. It is done under the meditation music, while lying on the back.  The length of the meditation is 40 min.


Part 2. Personal «Magic Amulet» Co-creation

Being in the harmonious state right after the meditation, the participants start creating their personal «Magic Amulet». It is focused to accumulate and store the energies of Harmony and Love that are running through us during the class.

The basic glass art painting techniques are shown and explained to the participants, including the applications of various paints and contour pencils. Everyone is provided with all the art painting materials required for the class, including the glass base of the Amulet. The Duration of this part is 1.5-2 hours.

You can wear The Magic Amulet or keep it at any place that you like. It will always be the carrier of your Harmonious State. It may also become an original gift to your family, friends and a person you love.


Part 3. The UniTea Herbal Class

This part is the extension of the first two parts, which is focused to expand the diapason of your sensitivity, while creating your individual harmonizing tea. The participants will be offered to choose 5 elements from 21 various dried fruits, flowers, herbs and spices. The specially designed chart will help to learn the nuances and specifics of the energies that are manifesting, while creating your individual tea.  

In the process of the tea creation, you can enjoy the changes and transformations of the colours and tastes, which are often the reflections of our inner state as well.

The length of the part is 1-1.20 hours.  Every participant will also have a chance to take a sample of the tea created in the Class, extending the experience at home.

By the end of the Master Class, we join all together in the Meditation Circle of Gratitude to the Mother Earth and the Universe.


Welcome to The World of Harmony @ Magic Glass Art and UniTea Master Class!

Date: 27 August 2016 (Sat)

Time: 2 pm – 6 pm


Energy Exchange:

RM488 EARLY BIRD (before 19 August)

RM550 (19 Aug onwards)


The price of the Master Class includes: All materials for creating the Amulets and Individual Tea

Note: Please bring yoga mat for the meditation practice.




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Bangkok Glass Art & UniTea Class!

Creation with Love!


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Svetlana Davydova ( Lana )


My  name  is  Svetlana  Davydova. I was  born  in  Russia,  in Vladivostok city, situated on the shore of a beautiful Japan Sea. My life has always been full of changes when it comes to a job, the country of living, as well as the personal life. However, one thing has always been and still remains unchanged - it is my passion for painting. Through this passion, the sensitivity to the world around has been revealed and it became the meditation.

As the tool of communication and expression i have chosen Glass Painting for its transparency and special colours that allow quick and expressive manifestations of the meditation state with no place for anything else but truth.

Of course , it is not possible to explain the mediation itself, but it is absolutely possible to assist with some techniques that can make it more deep and expressive .

In this is the main essence of the art seminar - to open up to one more aspect in knowing yourself and the world around through the visual images.


Natalia Kortchouganova ( Nata )


My name is Natalia Kortchouganova. I was born in Russia, Siberian part (Kemerovo city). Since childhood, I was drawn to nature and its beauty. Waterfalls, mountains, endless fields of flowers, lakes and the pure energy of the Planet Earth have been deeply touching my heart, waking up love that connects all of us beyond any conditions, healing and harmonizing at the same time.

Surrounded by nature, or stationed in the big cities – I got used to carry a thermos with me, filled with a fresh herbal tea. It was this natural support that I could always receive from the cup of tea.

In time I have noticed, that as meditation and various energy practices were connecting me deeper to the heart, so as the teas that I was making, were becoming more rich, balanced and filled with the energies of harmony and love. Sharing it with friends, it turned out to be, that with right elements at hand, everyone can create their perfect harmonizing teas.

We can create a perfect harmonizing cup of tea, whenever we are, remembering the connection with the Mother Earth, trusting our intuition and senses and opening up to the well-being from within. It is one of that easy ways to return back to harmony with yourself and the world around!




Ksenia - (Russia) - “I was hooked by glass art from the first moment I came to the Studio. It was an outstanding experience which helped me to connect my mind, soul and body and pour the union of my own onto the glass. It doesn’t matter what class you attend, and what surface you paint on, there will be something special on the surface you work on and definitely something new, that you discover within you. Guided by experienced artist you can create your masterpiece within some hours. My first painted plate still makes me smile. I’m so grateful to Svetlana to be the very person who uncovered the beauty within me and taught me the way to express it. .

One of the most amazing classes I attended was amulet and UniTea one. You will learn to follow your path and create your special tea without looking into recipes or smelling ingredients… just close your eyes and let miracle happen. I must say since then it is my favourite way to compose drinks. Have to mention amazingly delicious jams that Natalia represented along with detox tea. I think, there soon be cooking classes Good luck, ladies. Wish more people will have a chance to learn from you and increase their creativity”.


Emily ( UK )- “Hi Lana, it's been a crazy busy week as always but I just wanted to update you in regards to the “magic stones”. I'm super happy, I've been meditating for years but sometimes find it hard to focus, been feeling much more grounded using the stones and my mind tends to wander less. I'll see you soon x”


Nadezhda (Russia) - “I enjoyed the painting on the glass stones process itself very much ! It is very very interesting! I am looking forward to try painting on the plates also. This was my first experience and hope for the continuous co-creation together. Thank you very much!”


Aiko (Japan)- “Hello Lana and Nata, herbal tea and glass art help me to have a happier life. Thank you for having these wonderful experiments. Every time the energy of mine, others, and result of unity is different. Through this class, I can release myself more than before. Thank you!! Chie also enjoyed it!... What a luxurious moment for my body and soul! Love, Aiko”


Katerina (Russia)-The magic of the class starts during the mediation, when anticipating the creative process, you let go your old and everyday thoughts and allow yourself to awake to the limitless nature of your ideas. Then when you touch the brash – you learn the interaction with the new material and study its character. Sometimes it is not everything that you have envisioned could be manifested right away, but this is exactly where the true beauty is opening up – it is when something new and totally unexpected is breaking through. Especially, when you think that something goes wrong, and the skilful artist is always here to assist at the right moment to transform the “rough” line or pattern into something truly magical. My description of the class might look somewhat complicated and hard to do, but in the reality, painting on the glass beings a very comfortable feeling, and the time passes seemingly by – as the confirmation of being completely involved into the moment of creation.


Nun (Thailand) - “Hi Natalia! Thank you for those teas you gave out! They were so peaceful when I drank them. And remembered, those chat we had when you said "you don't know who might want to hear them ...” It was really helpful to me. Yes, I really needed them!!


Although I couldn't remember anymore, your kind words had helped me! So thank you very much!! I'm enjoying your class very much, thank you for the class!


Vara Vach (USA) - “Natalia, may I pleaseee shares sth with you. Apart from sharing my fascination of meditation & tea making experience to other people, I was so inspired that I'm even thinking of creating it for xmas gifts! :) Thank you :)


Shamala (USA) - “Loved it! I will definitely be back for more! 


Nuanlilou ( Thailand ) “Great, I love it a lot ”


Kakoli ( Bangladesh) - “Thanks Dear Lana, It was nice meeting and passed very good time there. Hope to see you next Sunday again”


O-Yua ( Thailand )-  “Dear Lana, It was so great to join your Magic Cup class last week Also, I would like to join every class and I think want to do a magic cup again. If I have a chance, I will try to join the Sunday meditation session too


Olga (Russia) - ‘It was wonderful ! See you soon again!”


Lisa (Hong Kong) - “Thank you Lana, I spent a great time with everyone. I'm looking forward to seeing you soon!”