From August 06, 2016 11:00 am until August 06, 2016 4:00 pm
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Get comfortable with your energies and who you are becoming. As the planet is shifting, so is your conscious awareness about yourself, how people, places and spaces affect you and staying in your body (grounded to the core of mother earth) amidst all that is happening around you. 

This Beginner's workshop forms part of a series of short workshops under the INNER MASTERY SCHOOL with various topics for the beginner & intermediate stepping into the unknown - a mystery school for the man on the street, the new-age newbie or the curious. Learn how to be 'strong' in your mental, physical, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies to best serve your own individual needs. 

By building your awareness of your own energies, you will begin to understand and build clear boundaries of what is yours, and what is not yours (energy). 

Understand the principles of energy in you, around you and how to manage them as your consciousness evolves. Pick up tools like effective grounding, clearing energies, energetic patterns and belief systems to allow greater freedom and ease with your own energies. 

Have you ever felt you are 'not in your body'? Have you just stepped into the world of spirituality/energy work/ energy healing/ holistic healing? Is your head (mind) always racing or are you 'sensitive' to other people's or place's energies that it has negative effects on you? If you answered yes to any of the above, then this class is for you! An interactive & dynamic class with lots of practice & bringing home tools for yourself awaits!

This basic energy school covers:
What is energy?
Where are the energies?
Energy in you
Energy around you
The torus & luminous energy field (LEF)
The 8 Clair Senses – knowing your gifts
Stages of Awareness (AWAKENING TO SELF)
What do people mean when you hear "you're not grounded"?
Being in Your Body - Being & Staying Grounded! - methods for grounding & stability
Meditation to connect with self - being in the HEART
Knowing WHO you are and why it is important.
Q&A is highly encouraged for group learning dynamics.

Join us in this eye-opening & heart opening experiential workshop with fellow classmates so that you know you are not alone and that you are well supported. 

Date: 6 August 2016 (Saturday)
Time: 11 am – 4 pm
Venue: A New Earth (Plaza Damas Block F-2-12) Kuala Lumpur.
Love Exchange: RM180
Sign up with a friend and you both receive RM10 off!

Contact for registration: 019-7779042 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

REGISTER: Minimum 4 participants for this workshop to commence, so kindly register your name. If you are unsure of your attendance, please let Sheli know so that she can put you on the waitlist.



"Dear Sheli, Just to thank you for an amazing course. I think I agree with everyone else when I say that the lessons learnt and delivered were far from basic! The grounding techniques were practical yet intense and effective. Your delivery was well paced... wow a lot of info.... especially about energy and the necessity of grounding. The technique of expanding the heart was very intense and certainly gave me food for thought and opened a great many questions about why allowing my heart and light to shine is so hard for me. Needless to say not much sleep last night...but in a good way. Your teaching was laid back, on point and well crafted for the experience levels of those in the class. Much appreciated and I learnt a lot. Looking forward to more !!!" - Jason Baigent, New Zealand

"I found ANE while I was searching for a suitable holistic/metaphysical centre that offered healing services.. So far I have been to two private healing sessions with Sheli and it was amazing.. She is really gifted and I feel so much better after those two sessions back in June.. I feel very calm and peaceful. I went for emotional clearing and heart healing sessions.. I definitely would recommend to those in need of some clearing on the inside to give a try for these private sessions under Sheli because she does more than healing.. She would actually talk to you and make you see and understand certain issues in life from different perspectives.. Thank you so much Sheli...

Recently I attended a four hour Inner Mastery of Basic Energy class with her. I am glad that she had this workshop because it was really helpful to those who have psychic gifts but had no clue on where to start from nor how to control and sharpen this gift further.. I would definitely recommend this workshop to the beginners so that you can start on your exciting journey with great confidence.." - Vishalini Ghobe, Kuala Lumpur

"A 4 hour class that teaches one to accept and manage their psychic gifts. As well as the all important grounding of oneself. So far I do feel like my quality of life has improved in terms of being more aware of my surroundings as well as learning when to have boundaries. It has made me more calm, focused and goal orientated.

I would highly suggest anyone to take a class at ANE to experience a new you and start your magical journey on this thing we call the path of life." - Tareq Nassri, Kuala Lumpur

"This course is really important for everyone as it has helped me understand more about the fundamentals of energy. The sharings we had of every participant’s experiences after each grounding really helped too. The practical session for grounding was an amazing experience for me." - Dina Daniel, Kuala Lumpur

"Basic energy & grounding class came just at the right time for me. I have to thank Sheli for conducting this class as it gives me a better understanding on how energy works in and out of us, in the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual plane. Also she taught us some ways of grounding ourselves which I find it very useful to apply on daily life. The class ended with a powerful heart meditation which is my favourite. Sheli guided us through the heart meditation intuitively and it just expanded my heart. I feel more connected to the Divine and my heart now.

Looking forward to learn more from Sheli :)" - Ruby, Kuala Lumpur

Your workshop facilitator: Sheli

Sheli’s energy work covers nearly 20 years of energy healing brought about from learning under master healers of different traditions and more so receiving automatic energy transference from various lightbeings and consciousness who have come to assist her lightwork on earth. Having been an extremely sensitive child her psychic senses have been with her since as far as she can remember. 

Having a corporate background in corporate communications, marketing, broadcast journalism, public speaking, coaching and tv presenting has made her a well-rounded person in not only delivering her messages well but also understanding energies of herself, her surroundings and how energy is applied, moved and shifted in various settings and scenarios.

Trained in various modalities amongst them Heart Healing, Soul Retrieval, Access Consciousness, Reference Point Therapy, 12 Strand DNA Anchoring, Healing & Mapping to name a few she understands how energies are stored, released and re-booted through her own holistic experience. Sheli is also a coach, an Access Bars Facilitator, Munay Ki rites and Light Energy Weave teacher. She holds weekly Inner Dance group sessions, Intensives and private ID healing sessions in Malaysia. Sheli founded A New Earth in Plaza Damas in 2013 and is the keeper of the holistic space. As an individual Sheli loves holding space for another individual to gain mastery for that to bloom within you!