Inner Dance Retreat - Sheli Shahadan & Katie Holland

From June 10, 2016 10:00 am until June 12, 2016 6:00 pm
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We invite all Inner Dancers from all parts of the world to join us in this Inner Retreat.


An Invitation to a sacred Inner Dance Retreat Intensive in natural surroundings and fresh water and trees, with birds chirping and blue skies above. A 2 Night weekend residential Inner Dance convergence outside of Kuala Lumpur, an hour away from the city. Welcome to journeying within. Merging the inward and outward as One.

10 June
11 June
12 June

We start in the evening with an opening ceremony honouring Pachamama mother earth; Pachapapa father sky; the stars of Pleiades; and the four directions. We journey within with Daily Inner Dance sessions held within retreat time in nature. Merging as one, soak or swim in the river, sing with the birds and cicadas, speak your heart to the winds or lie on a mat on the green field and look up and breathe-in the sky. Open yourself to the Universe.


Join this unique experience and come with an open heart to journey into the remembrance of your true self through heightened inner awareness of body, mind and emotion as Energy. Have an honest dialogue with yourself with objectivity and love and be a witness to the stories, old patterns, misguided beliefs and stuck emotions you hold within your body or just simply allow whatever release wants to happen.

Inner Dance is not ‘’dance’’ as we typically know but is a transformative self-awakening inward process that expands one’s sense of consciousness. It is a process of 'not doing' with sound healing & music (arranged for specific brainwaves), inquiry and intuitive touch in a sacred and safe space of trust and allowance. Everyone's experience is different and could be visual, physical, energetic, downloads of messages, clarity, release, cathartic or blissful. It begins with lying down on the mat and the body may remain still the entire process or move and surrender with the energy. 

''In total silence, it’s that river that flows from the cosmos and into your heart. It was dancing from the higher self, and I was simply watching it move to the flow of the universe.'' Pi Villaraza, founder of Global Inner Dance Movement.


(Fee includes Inner Dance sessions, Inner Satsang + 2 night's accommodation.)
RM950 per person
Location: Village of Janda Baik, Pahang, Malaysia.

Janda Baik village is an hour's drive from Kuala Lumpur. Location map will be given once payment & confirmation is received. 
Stay connected with us. Enquiries are most welcomed.
Contact +6 0122024770 for registration. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Organisor: A New Earth Holistic & Metaphysical Center.


EARLY BIRD RM900 before May 21st 2016

Malaysian residents, pay through e-banking or at ANE counter.
International participants pay through Paypal: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We invite all Inner Dancers from all parts of the world to join us in this Inner Retreat.



Inner Dance Facilitators Holding Space:




Sheli has a unique gift of opening hearts, mind and soul to seeing your own truth. As a healer she views every person as a divine light waiting for your own unique potential to be recognized and acknowledged further by the person him/her self.

Her own healing journey began in the last 16 years, an inner voyage of seeing her own potentiality through insights on self. Having a deep appreciation & acknowledgement for what ID has done for her, Sheli has been Inner Dance-ing since 2012 and has taken many voyages within for her personal transformation. Through inner inquiry and ID processes moved various issues - fear, owning personal power, self-love and many others which lied deep in the core for acceptance, understanding and transmutation. Sheli learned the finer arts of ID facilitation under its founder, Pi Villaraza, and now conducts ID Teacher’s Training in Malaysia, weekly group ID circles and private ID sessions within the sacred space of A New Earth, Kuala Lumpur.

Honouring and following the works of master healers Judy Satori, Ky’lama Telos, Selena Rodriguez & Victoria Webby, Sheli also receives continuous automatic energy transference upgrades for her lightbody as and when the Universe dispenses for her soul growth. In 2011 her hands began vibrating an energy described as healing, calming and igniting that has since enhanced over the years as an energy therapist.

Of service to humanity Sheli offers one-to-one Heart Healing, Soul Retrieval, Access Consciousness, 12 Strand DNA Anchoring, Healing & Mapping; Emotional Healing, Lightning Deep Pattern Clearing and Shamanic Healing sessions in KL. Sheli is also an Access Bars Facilitator, Munay Ki Rites and Light Energy Weave teacher. Her colourful background in coaching, communications, public speaking and energy healing allows her to facilitate deep inner processes through intuition, insights and personal mastery. As an Inner Dance facilitator Sheli holds space for your own inner mastery to emerge and bloom from deep within You.




Katie recently held the first UK Inner dance facilitator training. She has been extremely active in sharing this empowering modality across India and the UK. Following an innate fascination for dance and the profound healing it can give; Katie has been dancing from the age of three, with 20 years experience in Arab/Egyptian Dance. Katie has studied Ballet, Tap, Modern, African, Samba, Bollywood, Sacred Nepalese, Sufi Whirling and Gurdjieff Sacred dances and is currently studying Bharatnatyam and Balinese dance.

With a specific interest in dance for healing and self-empowerment combined with her experience as a Reiki Master, Holistic therapist, Shamanism and as a Yoga teacher Katie had been successfully developing her own energetic, healing dance therapy when she ‘chanced’ upon Pi Villaraza in Malaysia. After experiencing Inner Dance Katie felt this not only allowed her to deepen her own level of Self-understanding and the world, it consolidated her life’s work to date and also gave her access to previously unknown knowledge and strengths within her that she was then able to share with others. 

Katie is currently based in Asia working on dance projects and organises 'Kashtat Bedu' Sacred Dance and Yoga Retreats across. Katie trained with ID founder, Pi Villaraza.