Light Energy Weave Workshop with Sheli

From April 24, 2016 2:00 pm until April 24, 2016 6:00 pm
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24 April 2016 (Sunday)

Have you ever wondered how to manifest or heal things, situations, places and spaces in your life for your greater good?
Often we have thoughts, ideas, inspiration and most importantly our spiritual calling that are very much present on the spiritual plane, and yet for many the mental and emotional patterns get in the way. When this happens it can sabotage the very things that our soul is inspiring us to create.
Light Energy Weave is a simple and potent technique to bring manifestations into reality. You will learn to weave into your energy field and your life, and weave spirit into matter and matter into spirit. With the Light Energy Weave we do not necessarily have to exactly know what our mental/ emotional distortion is. This technique weaves through obstacles and blockages, creating flow between the planes and eases healing and manifestation. LEW is a profound and powerful yet easy technique that has been passed on by master healers, the Curanderos of Mexico from teacher to student.

The Weave will weave right through the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and material planes and goes straight into the DNA, through a double helix, assisting us to move through and bypass the energetic distortions that gets in our way of being the brightest light we can be.

LEW can be used for joyful manifestation of:

  • • Cash
  • • Healing physical ailments
  • • Bringing a project into manifestation
  • • Healing relationships
  • • Health
  • • And many more

In this potent 5 hour class, you will receive the following Activations:

  • • How to weave on Yourself;
  • • How to weave on Others and at a distance (distant healing);
  • • Master Spiral Activation

Expect information, instructions & demonstrations and lots & lots of practice time to ensure you are well versed with this weaving magic once you leave the workshop & when the crucial need arises. What is wonderful is the weave continues even after you have physically stopped weaving with your hands.

Receive the Master Spiral Activation and bring your own desires into manifestation more easily, gently and quickly.

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24 April 2016 (Sunday)
2 pm - 6 pm
Course Investment Fee: RM370
(Includes 5 Hour workshop + Group Support Sessions*)
*Group Practice Sessions & Feedback and Sharings (2 hours) at an agreeable date & time in the following week.

Register with A New Earth by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0122024770.




Sheli’s energy work covers 16 years of energy healing working deeply with the senses, perceiving into what lies deep within for the person in front of her. Sheli has a unique gift of opening  hearts, mind and soul to seeing their own truth. As a healer she views every person as a divine light waiting for potential to be recognized and acknowledged further by the person him/her self.

Her own healing journey began in the last 16 years, an inner voyage of seeing her own potentiality through insights on self. Following the works of Judy Satori, Ky’lama Telos, Victoria Webby and automatic energy transference have been continuously receiving upgrades for her light body since 2008. In 2011 her hands began vibrating an energy described as healing, calming and igniting, an energy that has since enhanced over the years as a healing therapist.

Among the modalities learnt and offered as private sessions are Heart Healing, Soul Retrieval, Access Consciousness, Reference Point Therapy, 12 Strand DNA Anchoring, Healing & Mapping; and Spiritual Response Therapy to name a few. She is also an Access Bars Facilitator, Munay Ki rites and Light Energy Weave teacher.

Through her own inner inquiry moved various issues - fear, owning personal power, self-love and many others which lied deep in the core for acceptance, understanding and transmutation. Sheli acquired the finer arts of facilitating Inner Dance processes and facilitates weekly group ID healing circles and private sessions within the sacred space of A New Earth, Kuala Lumpur.

Her background in coaching, communications, public speaking and energy healing allows her to facilitate deep inner processes through intuition, insights and personal mastery. Sheli holds space for your own inner mastery to emerge and bloom from deep within You.