Mindfulness for Stress Management by Gerrald

From May 01, 2016 8:00 pm until May 01, 2016 9:30 pm
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Stress is a problem in our modern lives. Work stress can include climbing the corporate ladder, or difficult bosses, peers or staff. Driving, especially in traffic jams, can be stressful. Relationships can be stressful. Stress and anger reduce quality of life and contribute to health problems.

With many years of experience of learning and training others, Gerrald guides you to reduce stress. A non-religious technique called mindfulness will be one of the core techniques taught. With regular practice, health and quality of life will improve. You will also learn how to heal difficult relationships. Your emotional intelligence will improve and this can lead to more work success, if you want it. With these improvements, you will experience more peace and fulfilment in life.



Research has shown that regular practice of mindfulness helps:

  • • Increase concentration at work and at school
  • • Decrease risk of depression in adults and teenagers
  • • Reduce stress
  • • Improve quality of sleep
  • • Control of emotions and behaviour better
  • • Support weight loss goals
  • • Reduce pain



• 8 WEEK Weekly Meditation Course & Teachings

• Every THURSDAY starting 17 March and ending 5 May

• 1.5 hour each class

• Course Fee: RM380 per person





17 March
24 March
31 March
7 April
14 April
21 April
28 April
5 May


REGISTER FOR THIS SUPPORTIVE CLASS by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling/whatsapp 0122024770 (Sheli).

FREE PREVIEW on Thursday 10th March 2016! It will be held at 8pm-9.30pm, at A New Earth


About Gerrald (Also known as Trevor Lee Chi Choong) Bsc. (Hons), CSMC

Gerrald is a gifted stress management consultant who specializes in mindfulness and counseling. He has a degree in psychology (Honours, Upper Iowa University), and is also a Certified Stress Management Consultant (IACT, U.S.). 

For Gerrald’s internship at HELP University, he designed a Stress Management Workshop for them to use for training. Since 2005, Gerrald has been helping others with his skills. He has been able to successfully help clients who are going through difficulties and those who just want more peace of mind. Amongst other achievements, Gerrald has been interviewed on ASTRO about anger management and has contributed articles to Yoga Life magazine.



 "There is a big difference in my life now. I'm able to identify stressful situations and take steps to protect myself from them immediately. I'm also able to relieve myself of stress and help myself relax." - Amanda Yap 


"I have benefited from the classes. I find myself calmer and less prone to outbursts of anger. I have learnt to accept the situation I am facing: to accept and face reality that matters are beyond my control. Only then am I free to be happy." - Ricky Pang


"Gerrald has taught the need to take a step back with a deep breath and reflect. This is especially useful in calming the mind. Naturally, this comes with proper training and guidance, both of which were given by him." - Fong Peng Lim


"Although I have experienced various other methods stress management, Gerrald’s method is the easiest to learn, and I love that it is non-religious.  What I learned from him made me a better and happier person today." - Janice Shun


"I was lucky enough to be reintroduced to Gerrald’s classes. I came out of each session always feeling grateful, joyful, light-footed and confident. I believe that my sessions with Gerrald greatly assisted in giving myself the gift of love and in turn, gain a better empathy towards others, and more awareness of others. 

By simply closing my eyes and practising what he has taught, I can gain peace and relief during moments of getting seized by the feelings of woundedness, fear and anger.  I thank Gerrald for having me in his class, and I wish him and everyone all the best." - D. Z.

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