Yoga Nidra: Deep Meditative Healing Of Mind Body Soul - Sim Wei Shan

From January 29, 2016 7:30 pm until January 29, 2016 9:30 pm
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Date/Day: Friday, 29 Jan

Duration: 2HR

Venue: A New Earth

Facilitator: Sim Wei Shan, Singapore



Yoga Nidra (“Yogic Conscious Deep Sleep”) is a deep rexalation technique which brings about meditative healing through the union of our mind, body and soul. It is a simple yet profound practice that induces deep relaxation into the whole mind-body system guided in a conscious way. It is often known as psychic sleep because it’s as though you are sleeping, yet you remain aware at a subtle level. 

The main feature of Yoga Nidra is the systematic rotation of consciousness through different parts of your body (also known as the unconscious mind), along with the awareness of breath, feelings of body sensations, visualisations, and intended resolve (for healing). The deep trance state of relaxation and gentle consciousness guided by the facilitator, allows for the establishment of trust and receptivity of your subconscious to be open to embrace and accept positive suggestion(s) for change(s). As such, Yoga Nidra has been known as a remarkably effective way to change old mental patterns and habits.

The process of Yoga Nidra is much similar for those who have experienced hypnosis, hypnotherapy or any other state of induced deep trance for meditative healing. Most importantly, the session is conducted and will be the most effective given the mutual state of consent, trust, rapport, receptivity and cooperation between the participants and the facilitator. During the process, participants may experienced increased mental focus and concentration and remain aware throughout the session, whilst still feeling deep bodily relaxation. At the same time, the participants always have the freewill and the ability to end their state of physical relaxation and mental concentration at any time of choice.

There are many therapeutic benefits from practicing Yoga Nidra as many dis-eases arise from stress, tensions and discrepancies within the body and mind. As such, Yoga Nidra is highly suitable for everyone – anyone from all walks of life, of different physical and health fitness, and/or those who may not have practice any forms of yoga, meditation or healing before as it is simple, easy and gentle to practice. Yet it is also highly effective for the advanced practitioners who would like to take their own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual practice to higher levels of consciousness and being.

Gift yourself this New Year by empowering yourself with a gentle effective session of Yoga Nidra for the deep awakening of your mind, body and soul. Come join us – all it takes is an open heart to receive! J



GENERAL OUTLINE (non-exhaustive or limiting):

  • • Simple breathwork (pranayama)
  • • Simple yogic asana for stretching and joint rotations
  • • Progressive muscle relxation through rotation of awareness
  • • Observation of polar feelings/emtions and sensations
  • • Guided meditative visualization and resolve of intent
  • • Group Q/A & sharing




  • • Promotes deep complete relaxation of the body, and potentially alleviates insomnia. A session of Yoga Nidra is said to be equavient to 2-3hours of deep restful sleep.
  • • Promotes calmness, quietness and clarity in the realm of consciousness through the introspective stillness of one’s being.
  • • Relieves repressed and suppressed feelings (i.e. anger, anxiety, grief, sadness, fear, stress, depression, etc) and tension from our conscious thoughts, sub-conscious awareness, and un-conscious body (stored in the memory of our cells).
  • • Promotes self-awareness, intuitiveness and creativity through activitating the unconscious mind (i.e. body), relaxing the conscious mind and training the sub-scious mind. Likewise, re-energizes the mind to enhance memory and learning capacity for greater potential.
  • • Potentially and effectively works on correcting old patterns of unhealthy repetitive beliefs, thoughts, erroneous programming and conditioning through the subconscious mind, with regular practice, guidance and succession.
  • • Easy, simple and gently to practice, suitable for all regardless age, gender, background, health and physical fitness.




Everyone, anyone - no prior experience in yoga, meditation and/or any form of healing is required, except an open heart, mind and soul of receptivity and compassion. Children* are encouraged to join in the session, as long as they are willing and disciplined to follow the given instructions, accompanied by guardian(s). However, if repeated disturbance is to occur, they may be kindly requested to step out of the session for the benefit of the group.

*No specific age limits (case by case basis) – please kindly discuss with hosting healing centre or facilitator in details. Thank you. J




Kindly dress comfortably, preferably in loose clothes for movement i.e. gentle stretching, rotation and bending, in seated, standing and lying down positions. 

Please note that the session will be using a yoga mat (for each participant) - do bring along your personal yoga mat and a shawl/blanket (for warmth). If otherwise, kindly check with hosting healing centre on availability for yoga mats, cushions and blankets. Thank you. J


IMPORTANT *Please kindly arrive least 10 mins earlier for settling of payment, bio breaks, arrangement of yoga mats and settling down of energies. Let us all be punctual with respect of time for all, so we canstart and end the session on-time for early night rest. Thank you for your kind cooperation. J




RM100 cash



Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or Whatsapp 0122024770 with your name & number of pax attending. 

Your Facilitator: Sim Wei Shan


NOTE: Shan will be at ANE from 23-30 January 2016 conducting Private Healing sessions, Chakra Dance workshop, Yoga Nidra, Dream Meditation & Full Moon Women Healing Circle in Kuala Lumpur.  Please find her extensive array of events at

About The Facilitator: Sim Wei Shan (SHAN)


Through her own soul journey of humble acceptance and transmutation in current lifetime of consciousness, SHAN believes that the truth lies in walking one’s talk. As a living testimony of her sharing and teachings, SHAN offers her clients an authentic, relatable, grounded, gentle and warm approach of holistic wellness through the exploration of mind, body and soul connection in her group and private sessions and real-life sharing of personal experiences.

She embraces her Healer’s journey in 2009 with the self-taught art of Tarot Reading, and actively continues to expand her repertoire of healing skills and life experiences with her professional competencies listed below (non-exhaustive):


  • • Results Certified Coach (accredited with International Coach Federation) in a Neuroscience approach in intuitive coaching, personal coaching, workplace coaching, & team coaching
  • • 5PATH® Hypnotherapist & 7PATH Self-Hypnosis® Teacher (accredited by National Guild of Hypnotists)
  • • Neuro-Linguistic Programming® Master Practitioner
  • • Munay-Ki Teacher and WombKeeper of the 13th Rite of the Womb
  • • Certified practitioner in Angelic Reiki®, Access Bars™, Isis Lotus Healing & Divination, Faradarmani, Astral Travel, Spirit Guides, Animal Guides, Book of Life (Akashic Records), Tarot and Oracle Card readings and more…
  • • Nada Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance RYS 200 HRS, Rishikesh INDIA)
  • • Yogic Ayurvedic Massage (trained by Dr Siby George, Kerala INDIA)
  • • Drum Circle Facilitator (trained by Arthur Hull, USA)

Guided by the Universal Law of Attraction, SHAN is currently answering her soul’s calling in assisting kindred souls on their Journey of Oneness in Wholeness through her overseas endeavours of providing group and private healing sessions on:

  • • Holistic Mind Body Soul Coaching
  • • Past-Life Regression, Hypnotherapy, Self-Hypnosis Workshops
  • • Munay-Ki Initiation Rites Training, 13th Rite of the Womb,
  • • Karmic Release & Soul Fragment Retrieval
  • • Yoga Nidra, Nada Yoga, Yogic Dance Meditation
  • • Women Healing Circles, Full & New Moon Meditations
  • • Dreams (Meditation) & Intuitive Artwork Interpretation
  • • Tarot & Angel Oracle Card Readings & Initiation Training for Intuitive Readers

She had since conducted healing sessions in Singapore, Malaysia and India, serving kindred souls of diverse backgrounds and needs internationally – from Austria, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, India, New Zealand, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, United States of America and United Kingdom  - youngest being 12 years old to clients in their sixties. Kindly visit for more details.

SHAN holds a Bachelor in Business Management majoring in Marketing & Corporate Communications. Her previous corporate experience since 2005 includes both Global and Regional positions in Integrated Marketing & Corporate Communications with Multi-National Companies in the Logistics, Financial and Training Development industries. Her previous role was with NeuroLeadership Group, as an Asia Training & Development Coach till 2013.


“I am Love,
I am Divine.

I am Love,
I am Magic.

I am Love,
I am Miracle.

I am Love.
I am Now”

Sim Wei Shan (2015)