Full Moon Women Healing Circle: “Sisters of Love” - Sim Wei Shan

From January 23, 2016 7:00 pm until January 23, 2016 9:00 pm
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Date/Day: Saturday, 23 January 2016
Duration: 7-9pm (2HR)
Venue: A New Earth
Facilitator: Sim Wei Shan, Singapore



The ‘Sisters of Love’ intends to attract a sacred healing circle of soul sisters to connect, to share, to support, to cherish, to enjoy, to bless, to cuddle, to love, and to honor one another in individual and collective consciousness, under the revealing guidance of the Full Moon rising.

Women need to sit in circles, not because we need healing, but because we need replenishment.  Women need to go deep.  Sitting in circle nourishes the soul. 

There is magic within the circle itself, as it represents a sacred symbol that has been honored throughout time. It is a timeless beauty of the reminder of continuity and infinity of wholeness in oneness i.e. circle of life, the seasons, sunrise to sunrise, the sun, moon, stars, and earth, all things round. The circle allows everyone within as equal, with no hierarchy, with the facilitator for moderation of flow, energies and aligned values. Everyone and every expression is equally valued. By participating in a sacred healing circle, there is an agreement present to hold space for each other with no judgment and only love and light for the greatest good. We will honor the sacred energy of the circle with respect, love and compassion – to listen whole heartedly to each and every one, to hold her in support and compassion, and to receive her in Wholeness, in our collective Oneness.

The timing of the full moon is especially significant due to the intricate connection of the lunar cycle with the female (menstruation) cycle. Regardless which moon phase women may be in during the full moon, our emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and energetical bodies are definitely heightened with sensitivity during this period. We are more receptive to subtle changes of energies around us, which is also energetically mirrored within overselves. This could be manifested through a conscious or unconscious period of heightened sensitivity of vulnerability and overwhelm or empowerment of enlightenment leading to the full moon or days after, depending on the level of consciousness of individuals. Hence, the full moon is an optimal timing for healing work either for fruition of completion, revelation of new insights and breakthroughs, or timely for expression and release of the old. Either which, one is guaranteed to be given the opportunity to increase their self-awareness within and of others around.

For women who are new to healing circle(s), you can view it as a group talk therapy session of sharing, meditation, blessings and connection of love and integrity. It is a simple yet profound ancient practice to support women collectively, effectively yet gently with compassion to identify and release habitual conditionings that keep them separate from their innate wisdom, beauty and freedom. In this process, not only does she heal herself, she contributes to the healing of the world.

Together with the love and support of the circle, participants are encouraged to share their intention for healing, and what would they like to shed light upon for manifestation and/or closure – be it dreams, goals, desire or deepest, darkest wounds with no shame, guilt or judgment. There is only acceptance and love. As only with acceptance of what it is with no judgment, then there will be change. The moment we let go and accept the truth, we surrender our ego, judgment and illusion of what’s right or wrong or not. And only when we accept ourselves for who we truly are, then there can be transmutation of energies for change.



GENERAL OUTLINE (non-exhaustive or limiting):

  • • Opening of sacred women circle of healing, love and compassion
  • • Introducing the Art of Listening & Acknowledgment
  • • Honoring and connecting with the feminine energies through sacred ceremony of blessing, prayers, ritual, meditation, mantras, singing, dancing, hugging, support and love
  • • Closing of healing circle the Gratitude circle of Love
  • • Group Q&A and sharing



Every woman who is ready to embrace sisterhood with love! Come join hands and hearts in the circle of love and magic – with openness to participate and share. Participants will be encouraged to share their full moon intentions for themselves, and anything they would like to release for transmutation. There may also be some simple chanting/singing, dancing or group cuddles depending on the collective group’s energies.



Dress to honor and celebrate the feminine empowerment in you – in your favourite colours, clothing and accesorries. Do dress comfortably to move around (i.e. free flow ecstatic dance, to sit and lie down) so perhaps a long flowy roomy skirt or dress may be more advisbale than a tight and short dress and skirt. J

The session will conducted seated on cushions, lying down, standing up or dancing freely. Do bring along a shawl or extra clothing for warmth).

IMPORTANT *Please kindly arrive least 10mins earlier for settlement of payment, bio breaks, arrangement of yoga mats and settling down of energies. Let us all be punctual with respect of time for all, so we canstart and end the session on-time for early night rest. Thank you for your kind cooperation. J





Bring your tribe!

Bring your best friend, colleague, sister, mother or loved one.

Register to book your seat. Places are limited.


About The Facilitator: Sim Wei Shan (SHAN)


Through her own soul journey of humble acceptance and transmutation in current lifetime of consciousness, SHAN believes that the truth lies in walking one’s talk. As a living testimony of her sharing and teachings, SHAN offers her clients an authentic, relatable, grounded, gentle and warm approach of holistic wellness through the exploration of mind, body and soul connection in her group and private sessions and real-life sharing of personal experiences.

She embraces her Healer’s journey in 2009 with the self-taught art of Tarot Reading, and actively continues to expand her repertoire of healing skills and life experiences with her professional competencies listed below (non-exhaustive):


  • • Results Certified Coach (accredited with International Coach Federation) in a Neuroscience approach in intuitive coaching, personal coaching, workplace coaching, & team coaching
  • • 5PATH® Hypnotherapist & 7PATH Self-Hypnosis® Teacher (accredited by National Guild of Hypnotists)
  • • Neuro-Linguistic Programming® Master Practitioner
  • • Munay-Ki Teacher and WombKeeper of the 13th Rite of the Womb
  • • Certified practitioner in Angelic Reiki®, Access Bars™, Isis Lotus Healing & Divination, Faradarmani, Astral Travel, Spirit Guides, Animal Guides, Book of Life (Akashic Records), Tarot and Oracle Card readings and more…
  • • Nada Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance RYS 200 HRS, Rishikesh INDIA)
  • • Yogic Ayurvedic Massage (trained by Dr Siby George, Kerala INDIA)
  • • Drum Circle Facilitator (trained by Arthur Hull, USA)

Guided by the Universal Law of Attraction, SHAN is currently answering her soul’s calling in assisting kindred souls on their Journey of Oneness in Wholeness through her overseas endeavours of providing group and private healing sessions on:

  • • Holistic Mind Body Soul Coaching
  • • Past-Life Regression, Hypnotherapy, Self-Hypnosis Workshops
  • • Munay-Ki Initiation Rites Training, 13th Rite of the Womb,
  • • Karmic Release & Soul Fragment Retrieval
  • • Yoga Nidra, Nada Yoga, Yogic Dance Meditation
  • • Women Healing Circles, Full & New Moon Meditations
  • • Dreams (Meditation) & Intuitive Artwork Interpretation
  • • Tarot & Angel Oracle Card Readings & Initiation Training for Intuitive Readers

She had since conducted healing sessions in Singapore, Malaysia and India, serving kindred souls of diverse backgrounds and needs internationally – from Austria, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, India, New Zealand, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, United States of America and United Kingdom  - youngest being 12 years old to clients in their sixties. Kindly visit onenesswholeness.com/testimonials for more details.

SHAN holds a Bachelor in Business Management majoring in Marketing & Corporate Communications. Her previous corporate experience since 2005 includes both Global and Regional positions in Integrated Marketing & Corporate Communications with Multi-National Companies in the Logistics, Financial and Training Development industries. Her previous role was with NeuroLeadership Group, as an Asia Training & Development Coach till 2013.


“I am Love,
I am Divine.

I am Love,
I am Magic.

I am Love,
I am Miracle.

I am Love.
I am Now”

Sim Wei Shan (2015)