Returning To Your Own Essence By Ky’lama Telos

From November 28, 2015 7:30 pm until November 28, 2015 9:30 pm
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24 Nov (Tue)

28 Nov (Sat)


Ky’lama has been guided to offer this blessing.

Returning to your Essence is the journey of finding your true self. We are so much more than we really even know. There is much for us to uncover within our unlimited potential. 

This experience is about helping you to break free from old limitations and to see yourself as a divine being. To see yourself as someone exceptional, unique, profound and able to become all these things. To draw from within and without all that is needed to manifest this state of being within you.

This manifestation is much easier when you co create with your higher self. This enables you to access the Universal Creation energies and an infinite field of possibilities. It has never been more possible than NOW !

This is a process that will ground you, connect you, open you and free you into a new potential that lies within you. This initial offering will occur in 3 stages. 3 meditations of one hour each. It is not necessary to complete all three but that is the highest potential for this time.

Ky'lama will assist you to connect with the challenging parts that are going to support you to bring you back to your Essence. Each session is channelled and each is unique and offered to support you in the highest way.

Each session is channelled. The team of Emissaries of Light that Ky'lama works with will work with your soul and consciousness to support you through each session in the highest way. Each session is an Attunement and contains many levels of healing and receiving of crystalline codes that activate and support your highest purpose and potential and aligns you towards your true destiny.






24 Nov (Tuesday)

7.30 pm - 9.30 pm / RM 80


SESSION 2 and 3

28 Nov (Saturday)

2 pm - 6 pm / RM 250 


(Ky'lama is at A New Earth from  November 23-29, 2015.)



Seats are limited


"To Whom It May Concern,
If you want to tap into your not yet activated and utilised God given Gifts ie. Upgrade and recharge through Kylama’s Workshops, courses and private healings. He will facilitate you with their installation and activation. It is just up to you to work with them. Activating our bodies healing intelligence and abilities and also assisting us in Knowing and using more of who we are.

Through the many years I have been fortunate enough to have had these opportunities, these ongoing benefits, by attending as much of his work and healings as possible, I continue my journey towards my hope of “Living Heaven as a Fully Functional State” (as a permanent state).
Thank you Mark/Kylama you are a Blessing." - Valerie Rose Barton (Sydney, Australia) - Reflexologist, Gait Repatterning, Chiron Healing,



"I have had the pleasure of experiencing Ky'lama's healing work in a number of workshop and personal sessions, and would strongly recommend anyone looking to move through resistance and open more to their path and to who they truly are, do so also.

He is a wonderful, kind, compassionate and dedicated healer and teacher who shares from the heart. Each time I have worked with him I have experienced a great shift in my life and I am so grateful for all of his assistance, and all that he brings to us all." - Adam Schumack (Sydney, Australia) - Musician and Raconteur.

"I have always found sessions with Ky’lama deeply nurturing and generous.
Ky’lama has been able to see right into the point of what I have brought to a session as pain and stress in my life circumstances. He always facilitates healing to take place at a deep and profound level, far beyond the realms of my mind and my feelings." - Venus Kondos (Mullumbimby, Australia) - Photographer, Financial Manager



Multi Dimensional Healer



Ky’lama delivers his work through a quantum field of light that supports transmissions of encoded light. The light rays interact with the higher intelligence fields of your consciousness to create shifts in your life. These energies assist with the integration and evolution of your soul to align to your highest potential. Ky’lama works with your consciousness and vision to create new paradigms that support your potential to be all that you can be. His work helps you to overcome obstacles in your life and align with a path that supports your soul and well-being. Ky’lama has 15 years experience with healing. He has studied a number of healing systems including Chiron Healing, Pleiadian Lightwork and has undertaken two, one-year training schools overlighted by the Ascended Masters. He brings a dedication to the path of healing and evolution of consciousness and supports you in your endeavours.

Ky'lama's Presence – gift to humanity
Ky'lama is a bridge of consciousness for humanity. Ky'lama is dedicated to inspiring all to release limitations from your lives and to help you embrace the unique gift that you are to earth at this time.

Ky'lama has a highly attuned psychic nature that allows him to commune with consciousness and spirit to enable connection, illumination and transformation as the path for all. Allowing the creation of a quantum field of consciousness to activate this transformational process. The Loving Presence of the Enlightened Masters, Archangels, Mother Gaia and Celestials co-create and support this divine experience.

Ky'lama, since childhood, has had a deep affinity with healing – serving and nurturing others and finding deep satisfaction in this aspect of life. Allowing others to find heart connection and truth within. Ky'lama is a shapeshifter, is telepathic and empathic and deeply sentient.

Ky'lama is a Seer and able to connect to the Divine in all Beings and create a quantum shift in consciousness to uplift others through the experience of Light and Sound.

Ky'lama is the Keeper of Time, the measurement of frequency in all dimensions and his Divine nature is deeply connected to the stars and the celestials. Ky'lama is able to take souls on soul travel to the stars and star portals to experience the multidimensional nature of their being and to ignite remembrance of sacred gifts that their Soul holds.

Ky'lama's work over the last 8 years has seen him travelling to many places in the world to connect through teachings and healings with others and with specific places on the Earth. He has been guided to travel by the Ascended Masters to places such as Siberia in Russia, Italy, Hungary, Switzerland, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, UK, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong to bring the LoveLight Crystalline frequencies of the Higher dimensions to bless people and places. Ky'lama's purpose is to offer service through healing and ceremony to bring deeper harmony and reconnection of the sacredness to all places on the Earth.

Ky'lama's greater consciousness works with the "Fires of Transformation" to clear old patterns of karmic consciousness for humanity, assisting humanity to know that the unified heart is a vibration of transformation and illumination and the most graceful of paths for humanity to walk.

Deep honour and respect for Mother Gaia, and to facilitate a more intimate connection to the Christed Planes here on Earth for all. Ky'lama utilises these gifts and the connection to the Cosmic Fires of Purification to bring reconnection of sacred sites to their original sacred purpose and supports The Family of Light and Mother Gaia to bring a transformation of consciousness and clearing of karma and old paradigms.


Message from Ky’lama

The Universe envelops us in the light of knowledge, connection, truth and love. It brings us home to our Hearts in deeper understanding of who we truly are ... unencumbered by anything but the freedom of our soul to soar in its liberation and inspiration and the infinite creation that we are.

Blessed Heart, the doorways of potentiality are opening at this time as never before on the earth plane as we step forth as a collective to embrace the mantle that as a soul, we hold.

We are held in LoveLight as we transform and transfigure our consciousness through the Light of Presence that is descending on the Earth at this time.

The Heart of Oneness opens deeply within and we embrace all that we are.

Blessings beautiful hearts, my name is Ky'lama, which means "of the light rays".