Shamanic Healing by Rajinder Singh

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8 - 11 MARCH 2016


The Illumination Process

Great Shaman Master Healers from the Andean mountains to the plains of the Kalahari, treat diseases through our “Luminous energy field”, the template of light that determines how the body heals, lives and how it may die.

Every emotional, physical and spiritual trauma is etched on this luminous energy field. It holds the imprints of disease long before it manifests in the physical body.

Every living thing owes its being-ness to light, plants, animals and human beings. Failure to understand this luminous light separates us from experiencing and seeing the spirit in us and as it runs through the earth's grid. These ancient, powerful methods of changing the luminous energy fields, heal the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Healing the light body through the illumination process scours clean the blueprints of disease, addictions, negative feelings and habits which change into positive wholeness. Life becomes resoundingly vibrant.




Shamanic healing is about energy, and typically the shamanic practitioner sees lack of health and well being on any level as being about loss of energy in some form. Trauma, stress, abuse and serious accident at any time in one's life can result in loss of vital life force, vital energy or essence which is known as 'Soul loss'.

Sometimes in order to survive seriously challenging situations, a soul part leaves the individual and takes refuge in one of the other worlds, taking with it some of this vital life force. It does this to assist overall survival. However, it often results in depression, apathy, inability to move on after a loss or death or problems with the immune system. It is the job of the shamanic healer to track down this Soul part in the other worlds, to offer it healing and reassurance and to invite it to return and bring back its positive qualities.

This is known as 'Soul retrieval'. Once the Soul parts are returned, life takes on a new brightness and can be lived with more optimism and delight.

There are a number of symptoms of Soul-loss, for example, when people feel that they are observing life as an outsider, rather than engaging and being fully involved. Other common symptoms are when people feel that they are being 'spaced' out a lot of the time, not really here. Other symptoms that indicate possible Soul loss are life-themes such as a pervasive fear, inability to trust people. Chronic illness may also be a symptom of Soul loss.

This directly relates to Power. In the shamanic worldview, power and maintaining health go hand in hand, if the body is power-full, there is no room for illness or disease.

1.5 hour session



This is a process in which energies that have imbedded themselves in our bodies are extracted. There are two types, Crystalised energies and Fluid energies.


Crystalised Energies

These can be caused by anger, envy or hatred directed at us by another person. People who are the closest to us make us most vulnerable to their betrayal, anger and jealousy and negative thoughts from them can penetrate our Luminous body like a dagger. Although our system can protect it self, constant barrage of negativity can penetrate our defenses and become crystalised and embed themselves in our physical body and over time harden. They can also be energetic remnants-memories of how we died, how we were hurt or killed in a former life. I have tracked and removed crystalised energies many times in clients that show physical symptoms of pain that cannot be otherwise explained.


Fluid Energies or Entities

Intrusive entities are disincarnate spirits trapped between this world and the next. When a person is spiritually open and/or out of balance they can become an easy target and a place of refuge for these energies. They attach themselves to a chakra and enter into a parasitic relationship with the host.

They can produce anxiety, depression, mood swings, addictions, changes in behaviour and host of other symptoms. An intrusive entity may appear as one of two types; one of our former selves (awakened from our sub-conscience) or a disincarnate being. This can even be a loved one coming to us for assistance after dying unconsciously (in an accident or under heavy medication) and not aware they have died. We take them into the safety of our Luminous Energy field unaware that when their energy mixes with ours it will start to wreak havoc and may even exhibit the same physical and emotional symptoms they suffered before they died. Once extracted they are guided through ritual & ceremony back to the spirit world and client can experience tremendous healing.

1.5 hour session
RM 390





Rajinder was born in India, a culture rich in ancient traditions of Spirituality, Faith & Religions. His parents knew of his path years before he was born and it was no surprise when he started to accompany his father to Spiritual Teachers at an early age. At the age of eleven he moved to London with his uncle leaving his family in India. The years spent away from his family were not easy and after twelve years he returned to India only to find his sister very ill and his father not well either. The following year his sister passed away and a year later his father, his hero. The need to heal and answer the calling only grew stronger and in the years that followed he was back on his path trying to combine his spiritual quest with his day job.

The calling took him to spend time and work with Master Shamans & Spiritual Teachers in India, West Africa, USA, Europe and more recently Peru which he now regards as his second spiritual home. In 2004 he moved to Cork and he started to practice energy work full time and teach meditation in it's various forms.

After eight years working from Dervish Holistic centre as well as Hagal Farm in Cork on Winter Solstice 2012 Rajinder embraced his vision and opened the 'Munay Centre of Shamanic Studies'.

He believes that knowledge is a gift & a blessing that has been passed down to us and that we need to pass it on to the next generation. After years of giving introductory workshops on various aspects of Shamanic work in 2012 Rajinder started training those interested in this work. This is hard work he explains as first the Student needs to learn about him/herself, learn the stories, the wounds that live within them and heal them and not everyone is ready to heal their past. Clarity to help others can only come when you heal the traumas within yourself and for a Shaman this is an essential part of training. The very basic work can take years for some people to get to grips with let alone master.

Although lighthearted at the best of times Rajinder is serious about his work as a practitioner and as a teacher. I come from a culture where a Teachers name will open doors for a student and this is because the Teachers only take on students that are dedicated and are serious about the path. I'd like to think that I too carry that tradition and the people training with me know that I'm serious. When a student is ready I will know and they will know and this knowing comes from experience.




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♥ The South Class - Medicine Wheel; 5 day residential nature retreat workshop: 2-6 March

♥ The Death Rites Workshop: 12 & 13 March


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