Journey Within with Antonio Foo

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Questions as such brings about infinite thoughts. Are there question(s) that we struggle with. I have for the good past decade asked many many times. One day I stop asking, took a good look at my life and decided to do something about it.

This is a self commitment journey. It is not a magic wand to solve superficial issues. This journey will challenge your every being; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It will challenge you to ask the toughest questions and develop ‘practical’ solutions. It will require commitment, dedication, discipline and grit, because change is hard; we all do have first hard experience but how many of us have decided to take it on and deal with it? I have and my journey continues.

A Journey Within is a 13 week one-to-one Self Discovery ‘program’. It will assist you build a foundation to answer your day to day questions and eventually provide you with the wisdom and power to find your own ‘issues’ and hopefully develop your own purpose. Each program is tailored individually, assessing the various states of the persons being prior developing a call to action.




I felt that writing about myself as a third person seemed awkward. So here is my attempt to describe my background. Professionally I have been an entrepreneur for the most part of my 20 year career. Having been in Technology for the most part developing strategies and new markets. Currently my focus is on strategic advisory and caring for my mother.

My journey of self discovery started approximately 15 years ago in Malacca where I walked into a Crystal shop and met my teacher…the rest as they say is history. Synchronicity is the word currently resonating with me.  A word that perfectly describes my every thought, intent, action / reaction, manifestation and outcome of my daily life. Oh and I managed to lose 20kgs in a year and have kept that weight off for more than 4 years and reverse many of the illnesses and cravings that I struggled with for many years.



1ST Session (In House @ ANE) = RM 200

1st Session (House Call) = RM 260

13 Week Program (In House @ ANE) = 13 session (1 hour per session) x RM 200 = RM 2,600

13 Week Program (House Call) = 13 session (1 hour per session) x RM 260 = RM 3,380

Ad Hoc Consultation = RM 340 (per hour)


Sessions are conducted at A NEW EARTH (In-House) or by House Call.



Advance Booking is essential. (Please book several days ahead).

Please contact A NEW EARTH at 0197779042 or anewearthmy