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8.00 pm – 10.30 pm

The Inner Dance is an experiential process into oneself as energy and vibratory states where judgment and attachment states descend as intuition and trust arises, facilitating a trance-like journey into the chakra systems. Here in heightened awareness, healing takes place.

Inner Dance is a space for dropping into self and healing aspects of self through your own journey to Authentic Self. It is a space of awareness through TRUST and SURRENDER within the states of ALLOWING.


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Amara Tia Ann and ACAST 

Amara Tia (Ann’s spiritual name) experienced a powerful spiritual awakening during the Venus Transit in June 2004, after which she began serving as a professional energy healer and channel. Her healing
modalities evolved quickly over the years as she learned from numerous Masters and enlightened beings from the spirit world, including Archangels, Ascended Masters, Christed Star Beings, Elohim and Galactic Council of Light. Amara Tia’s work is supported and recommended by world renowned spiritual teacher Judy Satori (, look under Recommended People).

In 2012, Amara Tia was asked by Spirit to expand her teaching role and support Light Workers on their path towards Soul Mastery as they lead the people of Earth to a new era of Unity Consciousness. Heeding this call from Spirit, she and her partner, Andy, then set up the Aleph Centre of Accelerated Spiritual Transformation (ACAST) in Singapore to reflect their new teaching and leadership role. Read more at

Amara Tia maintains a journal of channeled messages, insights and Light Language energy activations gifted by various Masters and Councils of Light. The topics taught to her by the higher beings are insightful, well diversified and highly transformational. To access this free resource, visit: