Barry Auchettl

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Barry John Auchettl is a true Visionary who overcame two life threatening operations and the need for glasses after wearing them for over 15. He is the author of Eye Power, Improve My Eyes, In One Vision and The Scan Charts, and creator of Conversations: an inspirational game. Barry has completed a Masters of Education focusing on the detrimental effects computers have on eyesight. He is a trained in kinesiology and other healing modalities, which he combines to create real change in how people see. Barry who hails from Australia runs vision seminars worldwide for both corporate and private groups.


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Laavenia seeks to facilitate individuals to find their own inner wisdom and make the connection between the world as we know it and the world of magick that holds the universal mysteries. She believes that everyone is meant to be their own Guru and seeks to empower each individual to see that they are the Masters of their own destiny.

She started her journey in the metaphysical world at an early age learning through meditation and mantras. Much of her early growth was guided by the ascended master Satya Sai Baba. She then continued her journey with House of Kite, a Temple of Higher Purpose, Goddess Medicine and Spiritual Sciences. Here she trained and studied under its Principle founder Sherwin Ng as well as his teacher Sri Mulyadi, International Healer and Founder of Blue Lotus Singapore.

She has been trained and initiated as an Oracle of Past Lives & The Tarot and has completed Auset Divination (formerly known as Isis Lotus Divination) She is also a Star Codes practitioner and provides star code attunements as needed during her sessions.

She has also been trained and initiated in the Ancient Temples & The Great Pyramid of Giza,Egypt by Elisabeth Jensen the Principal of Auset Temple Healing (formerly known as Isis Mystery School) as an Auset & Nefertum Trance Healer & Priestess of Auset & Nefertum.

Laavenia possess a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics and is very much part of the corporate world which ensures she has her feet firmly planted on the ground. Engaging and observing the daily struggles and lessons of the corporate culture, she is able to assist you to use the tarot to master the wisdoms of the earth and the cosmos and find perfect balance, the key to a harmonious and joyful life on earth.

Jill Marie

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Jill Marie is the Founder of Serenity Vibration Healing® and Enlightenment Technique, SVH a personal empowerment tool that works at a transcendent levels to reform the foundations of limiting beliefs and perceptions that can stop you from reaching your highest ideal. The foundation of this modality is Quantum Level Re-programming. QLR is a reformatting tool that empowers the Creator to energetically release limiting beliefs and perceptions while reformatting genetic predispositions and non-serving life patterns.

QLR helps silence random inner dialogue, freeing the quieted mind to form its creations in a focused clarity that will support rapid and instant manifestation and lasting change. Quite simply SVH is a premier set of tools to master the mind.

From 1996 it grew in 2000 then blossomed in 2001 it was then that the Serenity Vibration Healing® & Enlightenment Technique known as SVH began its worldwide outreach which has now reached nearly 20 countries. Jill is the exclusive instructor for the advanced courses and developed the Global Outreach program that brings people to sacred energy sites for the purpose of bridging cultural, religious and political gaps. Headquartered in Idaho, the center is buzzing with activities & community outreach projects. Jill also conducts lectures, guided visualizations, discourses, podcasts and downloads accessible to millions.

Zeo Sheehan

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Introducing Zeo 

"My mission is to open pathways in your life that allows more Grace, Clarity and Joy to become your reality. I assist people to transform their lives in a positive way by compassionately offering clear spiritual guidance that is easy to understand and digest so it can be incorporated into one's daily life. I am a channel for enlightened consciousness, I use the Akashic records and sacred sound to accelerate a soul's evolution/healing and to help with the birthing and manifestation of a souls heart dreaming on the physical plane."


Who is Zeo?

Zeo Sheehan is a divine channel, spiritual healer and teacher with 16 years of experience and dedication in the area of spirituality, healing and natural health. 

He is specialised in providing channeled guidance for all life areas, Akashic readings for clearing of present- and past life karma. Crystal sound healing is offered in addition or as a individual session to accelerate the clearing and opening of energetic pathways that results in greater wellbeing and peace.

Starting with an in-depth study and exploration of Tibetan Buddhism in 1994, his path has led to a deep understanding of spiritual consciousness and the steps that are necessary to embrace one's divine nature fully. Zeo is a Graduate of the Sacred Mystery school and has been training and working closely with the Ascended Masters since 2003. 

His purpose is to accelerate a soul's journey and enable more clarity, grace and joy to come into your life. Currently based in Sydney, Australia, he travels to Asia twice a year to offer his gifts.

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Aishah has been under the tutelage of 24th generation Mayan Currandero Master Teachers Starr Fuentes and Selena Rodriguez who are based in the USA; and trained in Dimensional Mastery and Divine Intervention (DI), including many more modalities under the lineage. Today, in honoring the lineage’s teachings, Aishah brings to you the knowledge of the Dimensions where you can awaken your gift of psychic sight.

She has always had the curiosity, affinity and interest in metaphysics. She offers her service in healing, co-creation and self-mastery. Her energy healing services include DI quantum healing, the Pot of Gold (healing & manifestation with Rainbow frequencies), Co-creative healing for Diabetes, Lightning (a powerful technique to bring break-through) and Reiki, to name a few. She also works closely with the crystal kingdom and handcrafts crystal gemstone jewelry specially for her clients’ needs, to serve their health & aspirations. Additionally, you can ask Aishah for a personal crystal ball scrying/reading. In addition to this, Aishah can write you a personal Planetary Seal(s) to assist you in your growth.